• Women in Agriculture Trending Upwards

    From 2011 to 2016 the Canadian Census of Agriculture says women were listed as farm operators on 28.7% of farms. Read more

  • The Deep Space Food Challenge

    NASA and the Canadian Space Agency have launched the Deep Space Food Challenge to challenge innovators to develop food production systems that will enable astronauts to grow their own food in space Read more

  • Kiss the Ground

    The documentary follows a group of farmers, activists, and scientists as they band together in a global movement of regenerative agriculture. The film makes the case that many pressing global issues can be addressed by regenerating the Earth's soils. Read more

  • FCS Hands Government Budget Plan to Fight Climate Change

    The Farmers for Climate Solutions has handed the federal government suggestions for how to better engage the agricultural sector in cutting Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions. Read more

  • The Loss of Ontario Abattoirs

    The CFFO Have Recently Established a Committee to Look for Solutions for the Industry, While Meat & Poultry Ontario are Pushing for Education Programs to Garner Interest in the Industry from the Youth Read more

  • 2021 North & Eastern Ontario Local Food Conference

    The NOFIA and the County of Renfrew are co-hosting the 2021 North & Eastern Ontario Local Food Conference virtually in March. The event will explore lessons learned from the pandemic that can strengthen local food businesses Read more

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Notes from the Larkspur Supper Club

  • The Canadian collective in a time of peril

    As the countryside gradually locked down, I watched my neighbourhood revert to familiar patterns of self-care that I have seen over my lifetime: checking on the elderly, distributing essentials, sharing and volunteering. Read more

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Annual Seed Guide


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    JarnoVerdonk Getty Images/iStockphoto

    2020 Hatchery Guide

    Where to get your chicks in Canada Read more

  • SF1.jpg

    Raising happy chickens

    What is happiness to a bird? Living out its days scratching, pecking, drinking, eating, clucking, and (if you’re a hen) laying eggs? Amy Hogue has a few tips that will keep your flock happy and healthy. Read more

  • Butcher1.jpg

    Home butchering 101

    It’s important to ensure everything is set up ahead of time, using a well thought out assembly-line system so the job runs smoothly from start to finish. Read more

  • Merrifield10 SUBMITTED PHOTO.jpg

    A poultry success story

    Merrifield Farms is an excellent example of small farm innovation and excellence Read more

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