Small Farm Canada 2024 Media Kit


Advertise and target a focused nationwide readership of:

  • Small farmers
  • Rural property owners
  • Rural businesses

Small Farm Canada is the only national publication in Canada that specifically focuses on the special needs of small farmers and rural property owners. The readership is constantly growing as more urbanites move to the land and seek information about farming techniques and equipment.

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Why ads in Small Farm Canada work:

  • A highly targeted circulation with a readership of over 67,000 (3.4 readers per copy) nationwide. The magazine is distributed via: paid subscription, newsstands (including feed and farm supply stores), and farm trade shows.
  • An extraordinarily loyal readership. With renewal rates far in excess of industry standards, Small Farm Canada has achieved credibility with readers through top-notch editorial that has earned the magazine numerous major awards. Advertisers in Small Farm Canada benefit from the confidence that readers have in the magazine to deliver honest, reliable information.

Fast Facts

  • According to Statistics Canada small farms account for over half of all farms in Canada.
  • Small farm owners are wealthier than their medium or large farm counterparts, and spend over $3 billion/year in operating expenses.
  • The generally gloomy statistics regarding the decline in the number of Canadian farms mask a vital and dynamic movement—the growth of small farms.
  • Despite declines in the overall farming sector, over the 1990s there have been significant increases in lifestyle farms (more than one off-farm income) and pension farms (operators over 65 years).
  • Lifestyle farmers in Canada have an average income of $96,000 per year.

By tapping into a vibrant sector of Canadian agriculture, Small Farm Canada is positioned to become a key player in a large and growing market.

For more information about advertising with Small Farm Canada, please email or call 866-260-7985 x 293.