Everything you may need to know about maintaining healthy soil on your small farm.  This soil resource was created to provide small farm producers across Canada with the information they need to make better soil decisions for their land.  Resources include information about soil types, soil microbiology, soil compaction, as well as information about soil testing and soil conservation. Hopefully this soil resource page helps you find solutions to some of the challenges you may be finding on your small farm.

Soil Resources for small farms in Canada

  • Composting: Transforming Waste into Magic

    Discover the wonders of composting and how it revitalizes soil while reducing waste. Learn the key components, techniques, and benefits of this eco-friendly practice. Read more

  • Fertilizers and Soil Additives

    Essential plant nutrient elements can be broken into three categories. Let’s look at the three categories of essential plant nutrients and what elements belong in each category. Read more

  • Fertilizers Used in Farming

    Learn more about fertilizer options and how they can be incorporated on your farm. Read more

  • Soil Compaction

    There are several ways soils can become compacted, including from issues with water levels in the soil to heavy equipment or large animals moving over it. Read more

  • Soil Conservation

    The role soils play in our lives is often understated as we really wouldn’t be alive without them. Let’s look at some of the methods used in soil conservation. Read more

  • Soil Microbiology

    Let’s look at some of the microorganisms found in soil and learn more about how they contribute to the growth and development of plants. Read more

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