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Research Notes

  • What lives on your apples?

    All parts of an apple contain bacteria and we consume about 114 million bacterial cells with every apple we eat. Read more

  • Closing the loop on the P cycle

    Keeping an adequate supply of Phosphorus (P) in soil Read more

  • The magic of marigolds

    Marigolds provide a powerful repellent to whiteflies when planted among vegetables Read more

  • Seeds: a complete package

    Recent research reveals that a seed can contain resources beyond the genetic information needed to produce a new plant and sources of energy to help the seedling get started. Read more

  • Light for layers

    To try and increase the level of vitamin D in eggs, scientists provided supplemental UVB light to poultry layer flocks and found that using the lights for six hours a day led to an almost four-fold increase in the level of vitamin D in the eggs. Read more

  • Organic farming helps bees

    French researchers have found that hives close to organically managed fields had greater performance, including a higher number of living bees and greater worker brood production Read more

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